Whether you’re preparing to enter the query trenches or planning to self publish your book baby, as an advertising copywriter with 20+ years experience wrangling words, I can help you make sure your manuscript is polished and ready to go.

“Kerri is an awesome editor. She’s professional, never snarky, and she’s great at correcting issues without trying to change my voice.”

Carrie Pulkinen, Paranormal Romance Author

I have worked closely with advertising professionals of multiple disciplines, including proofreaders. I’ve also supervised and mentored other copywriters, so I’m no stranger to editing, my friends… Or correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It was my day job for years.

Fast forward to the part where I’ve been running a successful freelance business for over six years. You can check out my LinkedIn profile for some endorsements and recommendations regarding my word ninja skills and work ethic here.

Before you check out my copy edits + proofreading rates, please read the following so you know what to expect.

Copy Edits

A copy edit from me includes:

  • Pointing out inconsistencies in the plot, timeline, characters, and action
  • Suggestions for better sentence structure/flow
  • Checking for awkward phrasing/word choice

A copy edit from me does NOT include:

  • Ideas on how to fix plot holes or pacing
  • Critique on storyline or character arcs
  • An edit letter



I do not offer developmental editing at this time. Content edits are a whole other ball of wax. Ideally, your manuscript has gone through critique partner(s), developmental editing and beta readers before it gets to me. In other words, I’m the polisher.

If you ARE looking for developmental editing, see Jami Nord over at Chimera Editing. I highly recommend her services. If you’re looking for an uber-organized someone to help coach you from once upon a time through happily every after, Alyssa Alexander is your gal.


A proofread from me includes:

  • Correction of typos
  • Addition/deletion of missing/repeat words
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling check


A proofread is a last read-through to help ensure your manuscript is as error-free as possible. I am a machine, but I am also human. I may occasionally miss something. Please be kind… Word Cyborgs are surprisingly sensitive.



  • Up to 10k ~ $60
  • 10k – 20k ~ $110
  • 20k – 30k ~ $160
  • 30k – 40k ~ $210
  • 40k – 50k ~ $260
  • 50k – 60k ~ $310
  • 60k – 70k ~ $360
  • 70k – 80k ~ $410
  • 80k – 90k ~ $460
  • 90k – 100k ~ $510
  • 100k – 110k ~ $560

Copy Edits

  • Up to 10k ~ $85
  • 10k – 20k ~ $160
  • 20k – 30k ~ $235
  • 30k – 40k ~ $310
  • 40k – 50k ~ $385
  • 50k – 60k ~ $460
  • 60k – 70k ~ $535
  • 70k – 80k ~ $610
  • 80k – 90k ~ $685
  • 90k – 100k ~ $760
  • 100k – 110k ~ $835

Copy Edits + Proofreading

  • Up to 10k ~ $95
  • 10k – 20k ~ $220
  • 20k – 30k ~ $345
  • 30k – 40k ~ $470
  • 40k – 50k ~ $595
  • 50k – 60k ~ $720
  • 60k – 70k ~ $845
  • 70k – 80k ~ $970
  • 80k – 90k ~ $1095
  • 90k – 100k ~ $1220
  • 100k – 110k ~ $1345


This option includes copy edits, a follow-up, and a proofread. The process can take 6-8 weeks depending on how much editing the manuscript needs. Please schedule accordingly.


Timing is discussed per project. As a general rule: Please allow 7-10 business days for proofreading, 7-14 business days for copy edits for manuscripts under 50k and 2-3 weeks for manuscripts over 50k. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the copy edits + proofreading package. If you’re on a tight timeline, and I have room in my schedule, we can discuss expediting your manuscript for an 20% rush charge.


“Kerri is fabulous, and a joy to work with! Any time the Chimera copy editors are full, she’s now going to be the first person I refer people to!”

Jami Nord, Developmental Editor

Let me help you find that sweet spot between quality and budget. Just imagine… one bumps into the other on the street, they go for coffee and wind up talking for hours. As they gaze into each other’s eyes over lattes, they discover, with sudden but certain clarity, affordable copy edits and proofreading DO exist.


Have a question? Ready to book?

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